Now go to your email and paste (Ctrl+V) the tag anywhere in the body. We will send a notification to when the email is opened. The unique code for this tracker is Write down this code, we will mention it in the notification mail to make you understand which mail the notification is related to. Want to specify your own code? Go pro!

Snooper: know when your email is opened

An easy way to get notified when the recipient opens your email. Add a simple invisible track code to your email message content.

1. Enter your email

We will use this address to send you the notifications

2. Generate the tracker

Just press the button and the code will be copied in your clipboard

3. Paste it into your email

Just Ctrl+V in the body of your email before sending it and everything is set up!

4. Wait for the notification

When the email will be opened, we will send you a notification via email.

Insert your email and get your tracking tag

We store your email only to send you notifications when the email is opened. We automatically delete any data that is more than 3 months old. Send us an email if you want us to delete any information related to your email on our systems.

Get in touch with us

Feel free to write us for any information or suggestion. is a service from DMNK Engineering